While in Colorado, 420 Friends USA hooked up with the crew from Colorado Cannabis Tours to join in on one of their adventures. If you are visiting Colorado, this is a must, so we were stoked to experience it. If you are cannoisseurs like we are, a 420 tour should most definitely be included on your bucket list. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that will make you love weed even more. But, before we recap the festivities, go ahead and spark up a blunt, and then we will show you what legal cannabis is all about…

The tour starts in downtown Denver at around noon. We all gathered at a super-cool local pub, got some tasty grub and waited for our party bus to arrive. Once inside the bus, our friendly guides gifted us free joints and cranked up the mellow mood music. After a couple of minutes, the entire bus was thick and cloudy, as the lovely, dank waft of weed flowed through the air. Everyone was happily lit and excited about what was to come.

Clones growing before flowering – Medicine Man Denver

Our first stop was at Medicine Man, Denver’s state-of-the-art marijuana grow room and dispensary. There, we got to tour the whole facility. We learned about the entire process of how to cultivate marijuana on both small and large scales, and also received some hot tips on how to grow properly at home. The multisensory experience allows you to see and smell the beautiful plants from budding babies to full-grown flower tops. And, of course, you can snap shot the action to your heart’s content to share with all your favorite blazing buddies. At the end of the tour, we stopped by the Medicine Man Denver dispensary, which has a wide selection of both medicinal and recreational products. Obviously, we had to buy a couple of the signature strains to try out the plants we saw back in the grow room, and the results yielded absolutely A-plus cannabis.

East Coast Sour Diesel Flowers. We need a candle with that smell – delicious!

Back on the bus, it was bong o’clock! As the bong made its rotation, everybody got a taste, while another round of joints from our new friends was distributed. Up next, we made a quick stop at RiverRock dispensary, a shop that offers a full range of cannabis flower, hashish, shatter, wax, oils, edibles and cannabis-infused products.

A pipe in live glass-blowing action at GlassCraft Denver.

Our next stop was at a GlassCraft Denver. We got to experience a live glass-blowing demonstration, where a pipe was created right before our very (squinty) eyes. This was definitely something very interesting to watch – especially while high as a kite!

Once back on the bus again, it was time for steamroller show-and-tell via the tour guides, and a few lucky smokers got a chance to try out the piece, and got even more blazed on our way back to downtown Denver. We arrived at exactly – you guessed it –4:20 p.m., and it was time for a finale smoke sesh to close out our educational Mary Jane journey.

Cannabis as far as the eye can see…
To this day we still dream about the grow rooms at Medicine Man in Denver.